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Rare Variegated Monstera Lechleriana

Pictures displayed are of the actual plant you will receive.  

Extremely rare 3 Leaf plan with leaves about 3-4 inches long. Well rooted and ready for a new home.

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Famous for its split leaves and prolific nature, Extremely Rare Monstera Lechleriana Variegated is every serious plant collector's must-have.

It is related to the legendary Variegated Monstera Adansonii and has some features strikingly similar to it but it is not. Just like the Adansonii it is almost never found with the beautiful variegation as this and grows wind holes as it’s leaves mature. 

Variegated  Monstera Lechleriana or  Monstera Lechleriana  Variegata

The Variegated Monstera Lechleriana plant thrives in bright filtered sunlight and has regular watering needs. It's very hardy climates and grows well in soils that are moist and well-draining.

The extremely rare Monstera Lechleriana is an evergreen species with interesting foliage. It hails from the Arum family of plants. The rainforests of Central America, including Mexico and Panama, are the natural habitat of this aroid plant.

This tropical species produces a large number of leaves. Naturally, its foliage is green in color and has a distinctive holed leafs as it matures . 

As they naturally grow in the Mountains of Central American, Lechlerianas tend to climb over tree trunks. The Lechleriana plant can reach lofty heights ans leads bigger than 3ft  when allowed.

As the Variegated Monstera Lechleriana grows, it gives rise to big and lush leaves that frequently have wind holes close to its central vein.

The Monstera Lechleriana has a fast growth rate. Its mature leaves usually fan out as the plant climbs higher.

The Monstera genus has at least 48 species, with most growing in the wild.

All Monstera varieties differ from each other in size, color, and hole arrangement.

Despite their iconic slotted-leave appearance, they are often confused with other species. Get the real monsters lechleriana 

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One explanation for this is that the Monstera plant leaves go through several changes throughout their growth phase.

A juvenile Monstera plant may look completely different from its mature form.

The Lechleriana plants generally require little maintenance. It is a sturdy species and grows large and at a medium pace.