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Plant Hanging Kit • ( holds 10lbs each • magnets tested at 60lbs ) Self Adhesive to most flat surfaces • Easy release magnet hooks for watering

Push N Press Self-adhesive plant hanging kit

Permanently bonds to most flat surfaces such as Metal, Wood, Glass, Concrete, Ceramic, Stone, Drywall, and More...

Make your own design or use the suggested rectangle shape as shown. 


• 4 self-adhesive Push and Press black plates ( Press for only 60 seconds - adheres easily to flat clean surfaces such as metal, smooth concrete, wood, glass, ceramic, and more 

• 4 connecting rings 

• 4 60lb hanging swivel magnets. Easy slide-off for watering and a strong 60lb magnet to snap back in any place when finished. 

Metal Plates Include Heavy Duty Peel and Press Mounting Adhesive in an instant, for a permanent, weatherproof bond. The industrial-strength adhesive delivers a heavy-duty bond.  The Heavy Duty Mounting plates are perfect for indoor and outdoor hanging projects and stick to smooth and rough surfaces.  Weight limits vary depending on surface texture, porosity, and flatness of the surface. Both surfaces must be completely flat and clear of debris to make full contact with the adhesive. 

The product was tested for over 1 year on the model ceiling shown with no issues. 

* Surface preparation instructions. A good test is to wipe the surface with a wet dry clean paper towel. Then with a dry paper towel. If you do not extract dirt you can assume the surface is now clean enough to hang. The model presented hanging from the concrete ceiling was cleaned with dish soap and water only. 

* Not intended for homes with children