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Bamboo Plant Pole with Mold Resistant Natural Fiber - The best plant pole for your rare monstera

Mold Resistant Natural Fiber Bamboo Plant Pole  in Multiple sizes from 12” - 48” 

Plant Climbing Pole to provide extra support for any climbing plant, especially aroids like Philodendron and Monstera species. 

( Below 24" has a natural untreated pine plant pole with natural fiber as shown in the pictures).


We trust our plant poles for all of our rare plants. These are also the Best Plant Pole we’ve used more all types if Monstera and Syngonium to encourage fast grand growth. These are the best plant poles for most any climbing plant needing support.  In their natural habitats, plants of all types climb up trees searching for the perfect light, leaning against to natural fibers of other plants and trees they climb. We make our plant poles by hand using only natural sustainable materials, wrapping sturdy bamboo stakes with a perfect layer of mold-free natural fiber to create the perfect climbing environment indoors. Our poles encourage mature foliage, as your plant climbs, it will sense the support and naturally produce larger leaves.


To use, gently press the exposed pointed bamboo portion of the plant pole as deep as possible into the soil near the base of your plant, taking care not to damage the root ball. Gently connect the vining stems of your plant to the plant pole, so that the root nodes (where the leaf meets the stem) make contact with the pole. 

Our moss poles are available in your choice of lengths. 



Many websites sell moss poles and tell you to regularly mist the moss pole and keep it moist. Unless you know how to keep the perfect humidity your moss pole will start to mold and bad things will happen to your plant friend. If you’ve ever encountered mold you’d be paranoid about mold risk, too.  So why choose a natural fiber bamboo plant pole vs coco coir poles that are out there? Pure avoidance of mold and pure aesthetics. You’ll love our Rare Plant Climbing Poles.